Nothing is “The New Black” — Black is Black.

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Let’s get this right from the jump, black has always been the ‘new black’. Nothing has ever come close to the simplicity and versatility that is black. NOTHING. The fact is, black is multi-dimensional and can be emulated into all five senses. There is no competition. So when some princess of polka dots tells me that metallics, or worse flats, are the new black, I die. Not in the Rachel Zoe kind of way, I mean the literal way. I actually die and then wait to be resurrected by their retraction.

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Black is bold, subtle, dressy, casual, confident, timid, and sexy. It expresses every emotion, appeals to every eye, and therefore is a staple, a staple that I refuse to allow to be replaced. Furthermore, I believe that everyone should experiment with black and I mean really experiment- just don’t accessorize it incorrectly or you will go straight to Hell aka Anna Wintour’s office. Hopefully this kind of experiment will open your eyes to the beauty of black and the possibility of an entire new wardrobe based on this sixth wonder of the world.

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Just to be clear, I am not partial to any color, so it is a good thing that black is the absence of color. But really, I am simply educating you on the significance of this single color and how it drastically affects life. So put your best black forward and you’ll be #InStyleWithKyle.

By : Kyle Julicher

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