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I was recently hired as an Assistant Editor for Lifestyle Miami Group!  Yes, that definitely will take up some of my time that I use to write on Get Over This World, but it’s a great opportunity and I’m loving it.  I’m still producing a lot of content for you guys on here though, so stay tuned!


Miami. It’s who we are, where we are from, and why we do what we do. For many years, this magical city has pulled at the curiosity of explorers and adventure seekers, travelers, creative minds, and businessmen alike and now you can see why. Located in the heart of South Florida, Lifestyle Miami focuses on introducing the excitement and pleasure of Miami.


On lifestylemiamiblog.com, you can find information on art, food, music, nightlife, sports, events, news, and plenty more.  This is your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING MIAMI.  You want to go to the hottest clubs? Go to our nightlife section and read about our top 5 nightclubs and our club reviews. You want to eat the best food? Go to our food section.  You want to find out about upcoming events in Miami? Go to our events section.

So far I’ve written three articles: one about Miami traffic, one about my top 5 nightclubs in Miami, and one about the new-to-Miami app, Favor.  Here are the links to the posts that I have written:




Stay cool, Miami.


Instagram: @getoverthisworld

Snapchat: Lanagand

Twitter: @Get_Over_This

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