“Good artists copy, but great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

I don’t know much about art; I’m not an art major; I don’t know much about art history, but I DO know what looks sick.  Artist Khaled Sherbatly’s ( work is sick.  He creates unique, fashion-oriented, sexy masterpieces.

Here is some of his work so you get a better idea:


IMG_0006_KEV1115+copie_KEV1036+copie _KEV1060+copie _KEV1047+copie _KEV1056+copie


11113360_410926359104285_4948412758379050842_o 11927478_410859745777613_5834457665838512178_o

Fendi Bag:



“I am a young artist, based in Miami. I was free one day and feeling down, so I held a brush and started painting. Inspired by a family filled with artists, the amazing walls of Wynwood along with beautiful ladies, I started making contemporary art pieces that people really liked. My journey has been exactly like the way I use my brush, just move it randomly and see where it goes. Now, I’m the founder of Kalex Art and the manager of Shalemar, best known for the 5M Euro all painted Porsche. I guess the Miami lifestyle either brings out the best in people, or takes them to rehab. Now, my distraction has become my passion.”

-Khaled Sharbatly

I respect his work because he is doing what he loves and is damn good at it.  I always respect when people are able to find what they love and what they’re good at, and make a living out of it.  That’s the best of both worlds; killing two birds with one stone.  Mad props, Khaled.

Check out his work:


Instagram: @kalexart

FB Page: Kalex Art

Fashion line:

Which painting would YOU want in your living room?

Happy browsing,



Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.39.00 PM

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