Sunglasses by Patrick Nagel

“‘Sunglasses,’ an art poster by Patrick Nagel, has been hanging in my house for as long as I can remember.  Looking at this poster my entire life, I have been finding a deeper meaning to the image than just a fashionable woman wearing sunglasses.  What is behind the sunglasses?  Do they represent darkness, as they shield your eyes from the world, which in turn leads to mystery? Walking down the street and seeing a by-passer in sunglasses causes you to question the person behind them and whatever they seem to be hiding.  It makes them seem unapproachable and emotionless, while evoking curiosity from the people around.

These people behind the sunglasses are weak and afraid of confrontation.  They hide their eyes so that people around them cannot interpret their true feelings and see them for who they are.

Throughout life, I have learned that it is best to never shield yourself.  Showing your true self and your true emotions is an essential part of taking pride and ownership in your personality and flaws. I am a believer in seeing the reality in things and telling it like it is.  I would much rather tell a person the harsh truth rather than a convenient lie.  Knowing the truth, even if it is something you do not want to hear, will help you in the long run and define you as a person.

It took me years, but I have finally figured out why I have been so intrigued by this image.  To me, its message is: if you want to know about life, stop hiding from it.” – Lana Gandler

I wrote the above short essay three years ago for my NYU Application.  I was accepted, but chose to attend the University of Miami.

I  L O V E  sunglasses — I cannot live without them.  But there was just always something about this poster that had me wondering.




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