Nah that doesn’t actually exist… Yet.  I’m sure society will make that happen though.

If you don’t follow @GetOverThisWorld on Instagram, you’re missing out on abs, endorphins, smiles, and motivation.

English? It’s F U N N Y.

But wait. There’s more… Obviously.

We heard you wanna buy something.

We heard you’re interested in purchasing Get Over It apparel.

We heard you like to look good.

Well fuck what you heard.

Actions speak louder than words.

Follow: @GetOverThisLook for Get Over It Merchandise


Nope, still not done with you yet. Just a few simple questions:

Do you eat?

Do you enjoy food?

Do you love this shit?

Are you hungry right now?

Do you ever get nervous?

Are you single?

I heard you followed @GetOverThisPhood … is it true? #HELLYEAH

(Lil Wayne verse in HYFR by Drake)

Your Future Instagrammy Winner,

@GetOverThisWorld 😉


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