WHERE TO BUY: Hater Blockers



Two words: DOPE EYEWEAR.

Not trynna play favorites, but I am playing favorites.

I have been getting my eyeglasses, and sunglasses here since I first needed eyeglasses, in 7th grade.  (I got these cute little juicy couture ones.  #memories )

Levato has a vast collection of eyewear, ranging from Dior to Persol, Tom Ford to Oliver Peoples, Balenciaga to Montblanc, Chopard to Michael Kors, and the list goes on. See for yourself:

image image

What I love most about Levato is the quality of service.  When I lost my Prada presctiton sunglasses at my first UMiami pool party  (RIP 😥  @dschwa @greenberg IHY) I called Don, the owner, and had him put precriptions lenses inside Tom Ford frames that I already had.  I had tried to get prescriptions in those sunglasses for quite some time, but no store was able to do it because of the complexity of the lens to the frame, and the space in between.  Levato pulled through for me, and shipped them right to my dorm in Miami.  I was no longer a lost girl in the darkness, an old man who didn’t have their glasses on, or a blind bat.  I was Lana again, and I could actually recognize peoples faces from far away when they called my name, instead of making a weird squinty face, and then offending them because I “forgot” who they were.  (That has caused me so many problems in my friendships.)



Anyway, anytime you come into the store, you get first-class treatment.  The staff is honest with you, makes good and constructive choices for you when choosing sunglasses, and gets the precriptions done for you quickly, and gives you reasonable prices.  I would not go anywhere else to get my prescriptions done.  Of course if I find a cool frame when I’m traveling, and something they wouldn’t have at Levato, I would get it, but I would bring them back to Levato to get a prescription put in place.


If it’s not clear to you yet, you should #GetOverIt and bring your booty over to Levato Opticians in Ridgewood, NJ.



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