Tailgates at the University of Miami

The tailgate experience at the []_[] is like no other.  No matter if you like football, or even sports for that matter, everyone still comes together to do one of the things we do best: TAILGATE aka party, dance on trucks, shot-gun beers, scream all the chants, shower in beer, run around and get as many hot dogs as possible, etc. …Okay maybe the last one is just me. Scroll to the bottom if you wanna hear about the food/ my favorite part.


  • Warning: if the game starts at 12pm, you need to be awake at 6 am.
  • Obviously, you need to have a pre pre with your friends, whether you’re at the dorms, apartments or in a house
  • Go to your favorite frat, or the red road pool to pregame


Transportation to Sunlife:

Fortunately/ Unfortunately, depending on whether you get car sick or not, Sunlife Stadium is about 45 minutes away.  This is different than most colleges, as students usually pregame and then walk to their stadium.

WARNING: do not try to walk to Sunlife after reading this…

  • take the buses that show up to the pregame
    • Yes, they are called “school bus[es],” but once you step inside them, nothing about it screams “school,” except for the []_[] on everyone’s shirts
  • Uber with your friends if you don’t want to be “ratchet”
  • Hop in someone’s car or truck who’s driving to the game (I do this at least once a season)


Actual Tailgate:

Okay so you finally arrive at Sunlife, where do you go? How do you find the frats in the middle of a huge parking lot?

Well, if you go on the buses, you just follow the stampede.  But if you’re in an uber or car, you need to find out from friends in the frat, what section you are in.  This got easier though last season, when Sunlife decided to place all student tailgates in the grass, far away from the stadium because apparently we are animals.  While this allows for more safety (we will discuss this below), why do we even go to Sunlife? We might as well use the grass fields at Coral Gables High School across from Merrick Park, party on the Green outside the library, or even rent out a farm/ barn if they’re gonna treat us as animals.  We’ll see how it is this season.  Either way, it’s still a sick time.

10603877_1565181417031044_6039536264401658784_o-1 10580777_1554048901477629_2455532670956512951_o


DJs on the trucks for every frat




Back to the topic of tailgate safety though…

Exhibit A:

So painful. I still have a scar.

Exhibit B:

My Friend Emily’s Scar. Ouch.
  • Do not:
    • Fall off the truck.
    • Fall on your face.
    • Just do not fall, okay?
    • Burn yourself with a hot dog.
    • Get arrested by the cops on bikes.
    • Get sunburned, especially while wearing a sticker on your face.


Side note: None of the above mentioned ever happened to me.


  • Tailgaters making hotdogs: you can buy hotdogs from them
  • Frats sometimes bring a grill
  • Inside Sunlife:
    • Gyros
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Burgers
    • Ice-cream



  • Once the game starts, I usually go home, as do most of my friends.
  • Or we go home on the nice coach buses that the school provides you during half time.
  • Once in awhile, I will go inside the stadium to get a gyro or dip n dots ice-cream.
  • UNLESS, it’s a big game day aka UF or FSU


Post-Game (haha punny):

  • Shake Shack, Villagio, anywhere
  • Swimming
  • House or apt
  • Chill
  • GO TO SLEEP for the rest of the day

And then you get up and rally because you’re going out. 😉

Have fun on the first tailgate of the season & stay SAFE!



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