5 Reasons Why Barre is the New Black

Guest Writer: Dana Maloney

I, Dana Maloney, was introduced to Pure Barre about a year and a half ago after returning home from my first year at college. It is safe to say I had put on the “freshman 15”. I had attended school in the south my first year, and all the fried food and endless partying really caught up to me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until it came time to put on a bikini that summer, that I truly realized how far I had let my body go. As a former dancer, cheerleader, and track runner, being fit was something that had come easily all my life. So when I came home from college, I knew something needed to be done about my weight because being fit was just in my blood. After taking my first Pure Barre class I was hooked. My first impression when I was in it was, “What have I gotten myself into.” Every woman in the class was in shape. All across the room, I saw sculpted arms, toned thighs, lifted seats, and flat stomachs. AND the majority of the women in the class were in their 30’s and 40’s, and had children; yet almost every single one of them had a body similar to that of a 20 year old.


My First Class:

“Okay, this isn’t that bad,” I thought, up until we had to hold a plank for 90 seconds. I realized it was definitely not going to be a walk in the park. I also had been ambitious at the start of class and thought I could use the 3 lb weights instead of grabbing the 2 lb weights, which is what the instructor had suggested I take; but I thought, “if these women who were double my age could handle 3 lbs dumbbells then I certainty could too.” Turns out I was surely mistaken. After about 5 different arm exercises, I had to drop the 3 lbs weights because my arms felt like they were going to fall off. (Keep in mind this was only about 10 minutes into the class and I was already out of breath.) Finally after what seemed like a lifetime of arms, we stretched and then jumped right into thigh work. Immediately after the instructor demonstrated the first thigh exercise, my legs began to shake. If you have ever taken a Pure Barre class or any barre class for that matter a common saying is, “the shake is where the change happens, so work through the shake.” That’s much easier said than done, for one reason only: our minds are trained to stop doing something that is uncomfortable. Let me tell you one thing: trying to finish thigh exercises, while your legs are shaking uncontrollably, and you feel a cold sensation running through them, is definitely uncomfortable. After thighs, we stretched again, and then headed back to the bar to begin seat work, also known as your pure barre ledge (yes, they call it seat, and not butt or ass). Seat work was just as challenging as thighs, except now many of the exercises have you standing on one leg while lifting the other leg up to work the seat on that side. This is extremelyPicture3 challenging because not only is your seat shaking and burning, but also your supporting leg is shaking because you had just worked your thigh muscles. Lastly, the class ended with about 20 minutes of core exercises; including abs by the barre and in the center of the room. For anyone who is trying to get those flat abs that everyone desires, the abs section of pure barre is hands down the best way to get those desired results.

Now, I just became an instructor at Pure Barre, and I’m loving every second of it.

So now back to the real reason I am writing this blog post: Why is Barre is the New Black?

1. It is the most efficient way to work your entire body in 1 hour.

No other fitness class works every single muscle to fatigue and by fatigue I mean to the point where you are literally shaking uncontrollably.


2. It is both mentally and physically challenging.

You have to be:

(a) physically strong to complete all the exercises

(b) mentally strong to work through that point of being uncomfortable when all you want to do is stop.A-very-Strong-Woman-females-30877152-424-550

3. You will see results immediately.

After only 10 classes, yes only 10, clients report feeling tighter, stronger, and that they have even shed a few pounds. After a month of attending classes 3-4 times per week, you will see definition in your arms (everyone loves to have that little dip by the shoulder, defining the bicep and shoulder muscle), notice your stomach becoming flatter and even see remnants of a 6 pack, and most importantly feel more confident because you can finally see your hard work paying off.


4. Most classes are only females, (with the exception of a few studios that have male clients.)

I don’t know about everyone else, but my pet peeve when I go to the gym is guys staring at me and checking me out. For starters, no girl wants to be checked out by guys when you’re dripping sweat, red in the face, and possibly even smell like sweat. That’s the great thing about pure barre. It’s usually only women, so you can feel free to:

 (a) sweat as much as you want

(b) make faces because you are so uncomfortable, yet you’re trying to stay in the working zone

(c) you don’t have to wear a starch of makeup to impress guys (you shouldn’t do this anyway)


5. Lastly, after taking over 175 classes, I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life.

Here’s a few pictures of me to help you understand why:

Picture7 Picture8

So sign up for a class and see for yourself what the craze is all about. I promise you wont regret it.



Pure Barre Instructor

P.S. follow me on instagram @danamaloney


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