Dear people who need to get a life:

I don’t know why you are so concerned about my life (yeah I have a great life), you should definitely worry more about your own life.

Let me make things VERY CLEAR:

This is the first time I’m receiving “negative” comments about my blog. I’ve ben receiving amazing feedback from everyone up until today. So if you wanna know the real story/truth here it is:

I have been wanting to sell my things for a very long time now, as does everyone who has limited space in their college apt, and wants to get rid of clutter.  Plus I barely wear a lot of my nice things, and I want to make some money back for them.  SUE ME. All of my glasses, and prescription sunglasses (I am sensitive to light and have bad vision) were stolen last week and I need to make money to BUY GLASSES, TO SEE OUT OF MY EYEBALLS AGAIN. GET IT?

About the dog: My parental unit does not want me to get a dog aka they won’t pay for it.  The dog I wanted to get is $4,500, but now I decided that I’m just going to adopt a dog because I want to and I can do whatever the fuck I want, and I might as well save animal while doing so.

Anyway, I can still sell all of my shit and the RELEVANT PEOPLE are messaging me and texting me and asking for my clothing and for me to sell it to them.

I don’t care about anything you uneducated people with zero facts about me or my life say or think of me.  I don’t know your gender nor did I even read your full comments because I couldn’t give one tiny litle speck of fuck that’s underneath my shoe about what you have to say.

Why am I writing this if I don’t if I don’t give a fuck you may ask?

Because I want to clarify that I am not a spoiled brat, I actually am responsible with money, and I just received a few job offers and have been getting paid for other work I’ve done.

Back to the spoiled brat comment, let’s get things straight.  my parents and their parents fled the Soviet Union in the seventies because we are jewish and it was not a good place to be.  They came to America and have created an amazing life for themselves, clearly. They came here with ZERO money and lived in the PROJECTS in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  From tough life in Russia to sharing a tiny apartment in the projects in a dangerous community with way too many people, my parents and my entire family has made a major mark in this country and all over the world, including Russia. So if you wanna know what “starting from the bottom” is, then read this paragraph over again a few times.

DO NOT comment on any of my posts or website or anything with my name on it with your negativity.  Only positive vibes here form now on.


-Lana Stephanie Gandler


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