10 Reasons You’re Not Exercising the Right Way

FYI: I am not a nutritionist, doctor, or personal trainer, but I know a lot about health and fitness and the correct way to work out.

I have come up with 10 reasons why most people aren’t working out correctly:

1. You don’t know the proper Form – This is the MOST important aspect when performing an exercise.  If your form is not correct, then you are not working the correct muscle group, getting the most benefit out of the exercise, and you can injure yourself.


2. You are trying too hard to Lose Weight- Of course, most people who work out want to lose weight, but this can’t be everything working out is about.  Exercising is a great stress reliever, good entertainment,and you should love doing it.


3. You’re Working Out the Day Before an Event to Look Skinny– This will not have a major effect on your body the next day, except for you being really sore. For example, “OMG, I have a pool party tomorrow! I can’t eat anything, and I need to go to Barry’s Bootcamp and Pilates and Yoga!” That’s crazy.


4. You don’t wear Proper Workout Clothes– If you’re working out correctly and hard, you should be sweating. And when you’re sweating, you should be wearing the right work out clothes, made from athletic material, that does not absorb water.


5. You don’t Listen to Your Body– If something is hurting you, STOP.  Don’t keep going and further your injury and lengthen your recovery time.


6. You’re not Drinking Enough Water and Taking Breaks–  You could become light headed and over-tire yourself.  You need to let your body rest.


7. You’re Over-Exercising–  You can’t do thirty minutes of abs and lift heavy weights every single day.  You need to have at least one rest day, and not work out the same body part for too long or else you will not allow the muscle to grow and strengthen.


8. You’re not Varying Your Work Outs–  You should not be doing soul cycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, JetSet Pilates, or any other workout every single day and expect different results. Your body gets accustomed to these workouts and there comes a point when you won’t be getting much improvement.  Regular Pilates could be done almost everyday because there are so many different things you can do with it.


9. You’re not Eating After Your Work Out– You need to get the protein in your body after working out or else you lose most of the benefits from your work out.


10. You’re not Focusing on the Right Muscle Groups for Your Body– You need to know your body type, and know what exercises work best for you. If you know you have bigger legs, you shouldn’t be taking too many soul cycle classes, and so on.


Hope these tips help!!

Yours truly,

Lana Gandler

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons You’re Not Exercising the Right Way

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  1. LOL there are more reasons to exercise than to lose weight. Some people want to gain muscle mass which can’t happen if you aren’t eating more calories than you are burning. And obviously doing something the day before won’t change anything, weight loss takes months of diet and exercise. Please come back when you have something relevant and at least some reasonable scientific background


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