Help me raise money for my new puppy!! I will be selling some clothing items, shoes, bags, and accessories and all of the proceeds will go towards buying the puppy!! I understand that this is not a serious cause, but I really want a dog and my parents won’t let me get my own until l graduate in 2 years.  I really want a puppy friend 🙂

Brands: Gucci, Chanel, Acacia, Lovers & Friends, Top Shop, Acacia

These are just a few images but I will be selling other things too.  Feel free to message me and text me to come over to look and try on the clothes and shoes and bags!

Gucci Bag
Gucci Bag
Chanel Bucket Hat
Chanel Bucket Hat
Blue Lovers & Friends Romper
Blue Lovers & Friends Romper & Nude Gucci Heels
White "Swan" Leotard
White “Swan” Leotard
Top Shop Dress
Top Shop Dress
Acacia Bathing Suit
Acacia Bathing Suit
Burgundy Pointy toe shoes with Gold
Burgundy Pointy toe shoes with Gold


Lana Gandler xo

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