BOYS, Not Men

I never need to explain myself, but this is called “BOYS, not Men” because most of the male population is not made up of real men.

Warning: I’m about to offend a lot of people.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU? (boys in America… & Canada I guess)

What has happened to society? Especially the fact that chivalry is dead.

Aside from the GIRLS who allow these boys to behave such a way, and put up with their immature behavior, here are 9 reasons why boys will be always be boys and probably never grow up:

  1. Boys do not take girls on dates (or they say they will and that they want to, but they never do), and they dive right in to try to bring the girl home. They skip multiple important steps to the start of a relationship (if they actually want one).  I don’t care if you’re not trying to have a relationship, treat the female like a LADY, and like you at least CARE, even if you don’t give two flying f***s.
  1. The guys who put on a show of being the nicest, sweetest, innocent, most caring guy, only for a girl to find out they are a raging lunatic as soon as s*** hits the fan. Pathological liars. The absolute worst.
  1. Back to the dating topic, if the boy does end up taking the girl on a date, they sometimes decide, for some godly unknown, that they can’t call or text the girl right away, even if they had a great time.  The “2-Day Rule,” if you will. These boys are flat-out pussies. And to all you girls sitting there waiting for a call, that’s sad. Stop staring at your phone every 5 seconds, take your phone off loud and chill. If he likes you, he’ll contact you.  And to all you boys, us women forgot about you like just like finals after we take them.
  1. “Netflix & Chill” — are you kidding me? Why is this a thing? That’s all I have to say.  Bye.
  1. Boys are WORSE THAN GIRLS. If you think girls are dramatic, sensitive, talk sh***, gossip, and know everything about everyone, boys are 4.67 million times worse/ girlier.  I have first-hand witnessed this many times.  (Like the time my ex-boyfriend’s roommates were talking shit about using girls for their rich dads.)  I know… WTF.
  1. Mama’s boys: I respect that. That’s chill; I’m a daddy’s girl.  But do not call your mom about everything in your life, have her do your laundry, and tell her about your problems with girls.  If you respect your mom that much, why don’t you carry over that respect to other women as well just marry your fucking mom.
  1. With women supporting themselves and not relying on males in this day and age, comes boys who take advantage of this and try to find sugar mamas.  This feminism does not excuse you from being a man.
  1. Playing games.  You’re still playing with your Legos and Gameboy.  Your Lego house keeps falling apart.
  1. Last but not least, your attire.  Stop with the flip flops, Sperry’s, wife beaters, bathing suits down to your shins, and whatever else you do that looks like shit.



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